Welcome to AWatchDay.com! I am looking forward to putting up some great watches for everyone to enjoy and discuss.

To introduce myself, my name is Jed. I am by no means a watch expert, but enjoy watches very much. I wanted to create a fun site for everyone to come see some cool watches from more of a modest budget standpoint.

Starting off these are all watches that I own. I have collected these watches over a number of years and sell them occasionally to get more watches. This site is not for selling these particular watches. I just wanted a way to spotlight some watches that maybe people wouldn’t think twice about.

In time the site may change some. You may see some sponsored posts if it becomes popular. I also may add links to watches that you can purchase.

I am new to all of this. First website and and am taking it in day by day to make improvements and make this a fun community for all!

I am looking forward to watching this grow. So if you enjoy the site please subscribe. I can’t wait to get started and look forward to examining some watches more in depth! Keep coming back because I plan to give away some watches on special giveaway posts! Can’t beat a free watch!

Thanks for checking us out and look forward to seeing you in the future!











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2 Replies to “Welcome!”

    1. Hi Sandy, Thanks for asking. These watches aren’t currently for sale, but I recommend looking on Ebay. You can usually find some great watches on there for not a lot of money.

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