Kenneth Cole New York Skeleton Watch

First up, Hello out there. I hope everyone is having a great day. 

I thought I would start out today with a Kenneth Cole, New York Skeleton Watch.

Kenneth Cole is a well known designer of many items, starting off in 1982 Selling shoes. I was glancing at their website and saw most men’s watches in the $75-$150 Range.

That might be steep for some, but I think this is a nice watch that is great for work or just wearing on the go.

I particularly love the skeleton aspect of this watch. I am fascinated by watch movements. I have wondered what it must have been like to work on the first watches created and the patience and skill it required to make an excellent timepiece.






This watch is an automatic, which if not sure what that means, the watch uses your motion to wind.


While I’m not saying this is some grand work of art, I’m saying this is a fun watch and I enjoy it.

This particular watch is a personal one of mine that I wear on many occasions.

I like the feel of this watch. I’m not one for overly bulky watches and this is the right weight for me. I know the watch is there without it being cumbersome.

If I have one gripe at all about this watch, Its that I’m not a huge fan of the black stripe going down the band. That is just a personal preference and one I’m getting used to the more I wear this watch.









So in conclusion, This Kenneth Cole, New York Watch is one that I would recommend. Everyone has there own opinion and they are more than welcome to it. There is a watch out there for everyone.

Highlighting this watch is a pleasure for me. I found this watch among many others that I purchased and while I wasn’t looking for this piece, It put a smile on my face to find it.



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