Geneva Platinum Women’s Watch

Hello again!

Today we are going to talk about this Geneva Platinum Watch.

This is, in my opinion, a very fashionable watch. You can wear it on many occasions.

Geneva watches are very common. I find many of these along my watch collecting travels. While many may dismiss these as “cheap” watches, I have grown to like the brand.


They come in many different designs. They are in a word, fun. I use that word a lot with watches. Knowing the time is easier than ever these days. Most everyone has a cell phone in their pocket that has way more function than a simple watch like this.

Still wearing a watch has its perks and I think this piece is a great example. It can be a conversation starter stemming from someone noticing and offering a simple compliment.


These watches are very inexpensive. E-bay has many, many of these for under $25. Amazon has some in the $10-25 range.


So in conclusion while not a “name” brand. Geneva Platinum watches offer affordable watches that come in many colors and designs. With extremely affordable prices, buying one (or a few) of these fun pieces can never be a bad decision.

Until next time, Let’s make every day a watch day!

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