1951 Elgin Women’s Watch

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Today we are gonna check out this Vintage Women’s Elgin Watch. I think this one is a real beauty.

This watch features a base metal back with a 10K RGP Bezel. RGP stands for Rolled gold plate. This watch has a model 541 movement with 15 Jewels.

I used the serial number (N149281) to date this watch to 1951. There are many great websites around that can help you with finding the age of your vintage watch. Unfortunately this piece isn’t ticking at this time. I guess that will happen sometimes when a watch is 67 years old.









Elgin began making watches as The National Watch Company in 1864, right towards the end of the civil war. The company was located in Elgin, Illinois and eventually became known as the Elgin National Watch Company. Like a lot of American watchmakers the Elgin National Watch company went out of business in 1968. You still see watches with the Elgin name, but these are not made by the original company.

Elgin, as with all watch companies at that time, began its life making pocket watches. In the early 1900s when people started wanting to wear there watches on their wrist for more convenience, Elgin followed suit. I find it fascinating that the style at the time was to make watches small. You would have to be blessed with good eyesight to know the time on these style of wristwatches!


Prices on Elgin watches now vary greatly. As with all vintage watches it depends on the model and the condition. While some wear is to be expected on watches this old, whether a watch works or not is going to effect the price drastically.

As always I had a lot of fun spending time with this Vintage 1951 Elgin watch. Be sure to subscribe for updates on new posts. Until next time, make every day a watch day!





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