Fossil Jetsons Watch

Meet George Jetson.

Now that I have everyone finishing that song, welcome to!

Today we are going to talk about this Fossil Limited Edition Jetsons watch.









I listed this watch as a Men’s Watch, but I look at this more as a unisex watch.

Fossil produced this limited edition Jetsons watch in the early 1990’s. This is number 5484 of 15000 watches made.

This watch was sold in a decorative Jetsons tin, which unfortunately I don’t have.

The Jetsons was a space age show that debuted in 1962. The initial prime time run of the Jetsons only lasted one season! Hard to believe for such an iconic show.

However, two more seasons were produced in the 1980’s. The show revolved around the Jetson family. George, his wife Jane, daughter Judy, his boy Elroy, Robot maid Rosie and their dog Astro. George and Astro are featured on this watch. The show was made by Hanna Barbera as a space age show to compliment the stone age antics of The Flintstones.

They sure got a lot of run in syndication for initially only having a 24 episode initial season.

As for the maker of this watch, Fossil got its start in 1984. The brand is extremely popular for making a wide range of fashion watches. They also have many other brand names under their umbrella including and not limited to Relic.

As you can see in the pictures this watch features a very nice prism cut crystal. I think this touch adds a lot to the look of this watch. The band on this watch is pretty beat up and needs to be replaced. While having the original band on a watch is ideal, changing the band is an easy procedure with the right tools. And sometimes changing the band is necessary if the watch is to be worn and enjoyed.









I’ve seen the prices vary wildly on this watch. Many to be found in the 35-50 dollar range. Some online are asking for 100 dollars or more. I have no problem with the wide range of prices. Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them. If the watch is going to give you a great amount of enjoyment, whose to say how much that is worth to you.

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    1. The research I did said that it came out in the fall of 1962, running in prime time for a year. Then just lived on forever through syndication.

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