Gold Tone Timex Women’s Watch

Another day, another fun watch to discuss!

Here we have a gold tone Timex Women’s watch. I’m sure if you are familiar with watches, you know the brand Timex.









A few words that come to mind when discussing Timex are basic and functional. Of course Timex has many style of watches, but they have many of these basic style watches. Believe me when I say, I am not putting down Timex watches with that statement.

These are functional and reliable everyday watches that I think are in a classic design. They always strike me as just looking clean.

Affordability has always been a top priority for Timex since they began their history as The Waterbury Clock company in 1854. I suppose the best example is in the early 1900’s when Timex, then known as the Ingersoll Watch Company, released their dollar pocket watches. The modest price tag allowed many to have a nice pocket watch that wouldn’t break the bank like some other pocket watches of the time.









The 1950’s is when Timex released its first watches under that name. According to their website, by the end of the decade every THIRD! watch sold was a Timex. That is simply incredible.

This watch has a date feature and Timex’s Indiglo light system for seeing your watch in the dark. Indiglo watches were first produced by Timex in 1992, another example of a company knowing how to change with the times and keep striving for excellence with their timepieces.

This watch is gold tone with a black leather style band. The band says Genuine Leather Upper, which I guess just part of the band is leather. I just love the simplicity and classic look of this watch.

You can find many styles of women’s watches on the Timex website for around 65-100 dollars. I found very similar watches to this one on amazon for around $30. And if you are not shy about used watches, they can be found much cheaper on a number of sites.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Wishing everyone out their a great (watch) day!




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