Vintage Citizen Analog/Digital Men’s Watch

Gotta love Saturdays. At least the few Saturday’s I get away from the day job.

I’m at that place again. Time to talk about another watch. We have here a vintage Citizen Men’s Watch.









It’s a gold tone with a black dial and has the Analog and Digital features.

Being honest, this watch has been a pain for me today. I got the back off to try to put in a new battery and bring this piece to life, but alas I did not have a battery the correct size. So I put the back on and took some pictures.

I then decided that I should take the back of the watch off to get a pic for the blog post. Now I must have really put this back on tight because I could not get the back off again.

No worries, things happen.


I wore this watch around even though its not working (I tend to do this often with watches). I really loved how this watch felt on my wrist. And I’m somewhat of a sucker for older technology so I was really happy to be wearing this watch.









Well when I was talking the watch off, the band broke. It was definitely worn and was bound to happen anyways. So I have put this piece aside and decided to make it a project to bring back to life.

I like this watch. I have said it before but I love the men’s watches that aren’t bulky. I especially love vintage watches. It doesn’t even really need to be a specific era. I just enjoy the different looks and seeing what was popular at that time period.

This watch was not the rousing success story I was hoping for. However, I now have another project on the shelf. Here’s hoping I can see this one through and soon.

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