Sunday Funday! Men’s Jiaheng Classic Lighter Watch

So have I got a watch for you today. I have had this in my collection for some time now, as I just can’t seem to let this watch go. It’s got everything you need for the smoker on the go. Don’t want to reach in your pocket to check the time? This watch has you covered. Can’t find those matches? Not a problem at all for this versatile dynamo.









I am such a huge fan of this watch. I think its funny. I have worn this watch on a few occasions. Its really bulky from lighter mechanism and, to be honest, I think this watch is a bit of a fire hazard.

A simple flip down and boom you are lit and moving. A perfect device for the smoker on the go. This Jiaheng Classic watch is rechargeable. Just plug in a USB cord and charge away so your lighter watch never lets you down.

I will admit I was perplexed by this watch when I came across it the first time. I didn’t understand why it was so bulky and hadn’t bothered to read the back (The back clearly states USB Lighter, but hey I’m a busy guy). But one flip and I was sold. 

A quick search led me to these being sold for about $15.00. I’m not sure I could ever give mine up, though. Sometimes its not the fanciest or most valuable watch I like the best. Sometimes its just a unique feature that for some reason makes me smile. Can’t beat that for a Sunday Funday Watch!









Until we meet again, Make every day a watch day!


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