Men’s Pulsar Watch

Let’s get down to it. This is a Men’s Pulsar Watch. It has a neat day/date feature. I like the aesthetics of the day across the top like this. I think it adds to the look of this useful everyday watch. This is a two tone watch with a black dial, which I am a huge fan of.









This is the size watch I prefer. On the small side. I like a watch I can forget i am wearing, as opposed to one I feel is bogging me down.

Pulsar is a familiar brand to most people. They released the first electronic digital watch all the way back in 1972. Pulsar then joined forces with the Seiko Watch Corporation in 1979. Pulsar has released many different kinds of watches through the years, mainly focusing on analog watches to this day.

You can find all sorts of used Pulsar watches in the $20-50 dollar range. A good price for a brand with a large assortment of watches. New Watches sell in the $150 range and can be found on Pulsar’s website. Here is the link to check it out.

I think Pulsar is a little underappreciated these days. It has a great history of innovation and sells good watches at a decent price. Nothing to sneeze at!









Gonna go for now. The day job beat me up a little bit, but still wanted to get a watch out there for people to enjoy today! I appreciate all of you who stop by the blog to check it out. We are in our infancy but I am the determined type, so keep on checking in. I have some plans for fun stuff like giveaways in the future. I’m really excited to be able to share something I love with the world.









Keep checking the time on your wrist, not on your phone, and make every day a watch day!



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