Vintage Women’s Westclox Watch

Today I thought I would share some quick thoughts about this vintage watch

What we have here is a Westclox women’s watch.









This watch is a gold tone with a 17 Jewel Movement. It’s your basic stainless steel back with a base metal bezel. That’s what’s used in a lot of the lower tier models of these kinds of watches.

The movement in this watch is very similar to the Waltham watch I featured the other day.

The name Westclox is a familiar one. They make all sorts of watches and clocks. They made pocket watches and alarm clocks since their inception in 1885 as the United Clock Company.

I think I stared at one of their clocks for the majority of my school career. My watch hobby (maybe obsession) hadn’t started quite yet.

This is a real basic women’s watch. There is nothing too fancy about this watch. It’s just a reliable watch that is ticking away to this day.


I was looking for a serial number to try to get an accurate date for this little watch, but alas my eye loupe was nowhere to be found.

As always I had a lot of fun looking through a bunch of watches and settling on this one to feature today. That’s really what it is about to me. I like watches of all shapes and sizes. I like seeing the old fashions and some of the newer ones. I love looking at the old mechanical movements and there is a real joy I get from winding up an old watch and hearing that ticking sound. It makes my day every time!

See you next time!

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