Sunday Funday! Men’s Looney Tunes Watch by Armitron

Alright. It’s Sunday, so let’s take a look at another fun watch! Today we have an Armitron Looney Tunes watch.

I gotta say I love this watch. Brings back a lot of good memories of watching my favorite cartoons as a kid.









This watch features three characters. First off we have Sylvester the Cat. Known for his lisp and his rivalry with Tweety, Sylvester debuted in the early 1940’s.

On the right side of the watch we have the one and only Daffy Duck. Daffy has undergone some changes in his long history. Early on he was an out of control duck who would act screwy and run, swim or fly around yelling “woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo”. He was tamed down a little and had the misfortune of having his bill shot by Elmer Fudd.

I particularly loved the early cartoons. My personal favorite is one called Wise Quacks. In this cartoon, Daffy finds out that his wife was getting ready to hatch eggs. Daffy proceeds to get drunk off some corn juice marked XXX. Drunk Daffy ends up saving his newborn duckling from an eagle and then befriends the eagle. The end scene shows Daffy drinking with his new Eagle friend before getting a wallop from the misses.  Gotta love cartoons.

In the middle of this watch is the cross dressing, wise cracking Bugs Bunny. Not much more needs to be said about this iconic character.

All three were voiced by the late great Mel Blanc. Starting with Daffy in 1937, with Bugs and Sylvester joining the team in the 40’s. He voiced all three (and many others) until his death in 1989.

Its a little surprising to me Sylvester is on this watch. I would have thought maybe Porky Pig or Elmer Fudd would round out the trio a little better.









But this watch is nothing if not fun. It’s okay to wear your inner child on your wrist, even well into adulthood. For me aging never really meant maturing anyways!

I found this watch selling for around $20 dollars on Ebay, so if you are interested head on over and pick yourself one up. You know you won’t regret it.

I know its cheesy but I gotta end it one way and one way only!

That’s All Folks!


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