Relic Men’s Watch

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Let’s take a look at this Relic watch today. This is a nice example of a men’s watch featuring a black dial and a sharp gray band with red striping. The look of this watch fits my style (or lack thereof) perfectly.

Relic is known for being the budget watch of the Fossil Brand. These watches were geared for the younger crowd in the market for an affordable everyday watch. While derided by some as having an average look with not a great shelf life, the Relic watch nonetheless remains a popular option for money conscious watch shoppers.

Their website ( offers many places to find Relic watches including Amazon, JC Penney, Sears and Kohls. So check out the site if you are interested in acquiring on these new watches. As always you can find many watches used in the $50 or less range on E-Bay.

While not up to everyone’s standards, this Relic watch offers a comfortable fit and a nice looking design. I find this to be a versatile watch. One you can wear to work and not worry if it gets beat up too much. One you can wear out on a nice evening. I like having watches that fit any occasion.








As you can tell, I’m not focusing on high end watches on this site. Frankly I can’t afford them right now. Instead I am showing watches that are straight out of my collection. I go through and find watches almost every day, take the pictures myself and try to present an interesting example of watches that all of us can enjoy. I enjoy looking at the Breitling and Rolex watches as much as anyone. But hey sometimes you gotta be realistic. While that may be a goal of some to wear one of those luxury watches, I hope you spend some time here enjoying watches that are attainable for all.

Everyone take care and thanks for checking in. I’ve yet to even crack the surface of all the watches I plan to post on the site. So keep coming back, because I’m just getting started!

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