Men’s Wenger Watch

Let’s take a look at this Swiss made men’s watch. This watch is made by Wenger. Wenger is a well known swiss company.

Wenger started out in 1893 as a knife factory, long before branching out into watches. Eventually Wenger was acquired by Victorinox in 2005, but is still manufacturing watches today. Check out their US website here.










This watch has a beautiful blue dial and date feature. Silver tone and blue dial go really well together. I have been wearing this watch for a few days and think it is going to stay in the front of my collection for quite some time. The simple and somewhat elegant look of this watch can add to an outfit for any occasion.

Wenger has all different kinds of styles available. Prices can go from 100 dollars to 300 dollars for a new watch on their website. Amazon has one featured in the 80 dollar range for a men’s watch. Always good to shop around and find the right watch for you!










Wrapping up, Wenger has a rich history and in my opinion make some really great watches. It would make a great addition to any collection, whether you collect on a budget or want an everyday wearer that looks great.










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