Arnette Divers Watch

Hello out there. Got another watch here for you today. This is an Arnette Diver Watch. This watch is pretty cool. It’s got the rotating bezel and says it is good for down to 200 meters. Its seems well put together to me.










Looking up the Arnette brand, they are known for selling eyewear more than anything. Checking out there website, there was no mention of watches for sale. So maybe this was a venture that didn’t quite work out for the company. Well they always have their bread and butter.

This watch survived and I’m glad it did. Its got a date feature and just looks nice. The band feels secure which is a must if you are taking it in the water.

The light blue really pops to me and overall I’m glad I found this watch. This Arnette watch is not really my style but I could see wearing it here and there. I just don’t think it would ever make my regular rotation. That’s not a knock on the watch, just a personal preference.

Checking E-Bay, Arnette watches are going for around 50 dollars. I saw an example of this watch that sold for $20, but that seems low to me. I think someone got a good deal on that one! But that’s why its good to search around, you never know what finds you may come across.










If you aren’t sure what kind of watch you like, well you can always keep checking in with us here at AwatchDay. I put up lots of different kinds of watches and you just may find one that suits your tastes and needs. While I’m not selling these watches off the site, you can take a closer look and get someones opinion who doesn’t have any skin in the game. I just like watches.










Thanks again for coming through and stayed tuned because tomorrow we are gonna be trying something new. I’m really excited and expect it to be a lot of fun!


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