Timex Watch Lot *GIVEAWAY POST!!*

Welcome to our inaugural giveaway post here at AwatchDay.com! We are really excited to feature these three Timex watches for you to have a chance to own.




























We have some different eras here. The silver watch has a mechanical movement while the other two watches are quartz. I put new batteries in the quartz watches and they started ticking away. The mechanical watch was also ticking when wound. I’m giving these to the lucky winner as is. Just simply enter the contest below. I am only shipping to US addresses at this time. I will ship via small flat rate box. These usually arrive in 2-3 days time.








Check out our other posts for more cool watches. Now go ahead and sign up for a chance to win!

  • 1 winner
  • Value: 30.00
  • Prize: 3 Timex Watches

Timex Watch Giveaway







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