Top 5 Women’s Watches to Buy this Week

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Welcome to AwatchDay’s top five of the week! Today we are going to look at our top five women’s watches to buy right now. If any watch catches your fancy, just click on the picture to see more and make it your own!

5 Nine West Floral Rose Watch

This one just caught my eye. The design is really beautiful and this watch is selling at a very affordable rate. I think this would look great in any collection.

4 Skagen Women’s Freja Watch

I am a big fan of Skagen watches, owning multiple myself. This is a truly classy design that is really elegant in my eyes. This watch fits any occasion and is a great buy!

3 Freestyle Shark Clip Watch

This one is an eye catcher! This hard to miss watch adds a whole lot of color to your day. This is a digital watch that is just fun. This watch won’t break the bank and has a few color options. Check out the other color options by clicking the picture.

2 Armani Exchange Women’s Watch

A little pricier than our other entrants this watch shows some class and style. That is what you get when you splurge for the Armani name. I like the look of this watch and thought it made a fine addition to our countdown.

1 TAG Heuer Diamond Accented Watch

Checking in at number one is this diamond watch by TAG Heuer. A watch that exudes elegance. This watch will get you noticed. So if window shopping or interested just click on the picture to find out more about this week’s number one.


Thanks for reading our top five of the week everyone! I hope you enjoyed it and check out our other posts for ideas on what watch might suit you!


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