Top 5 Women’s Watches to Buy this Week

Welcome to another edition of’s Top Five Watches to Buy This Week! Remember all watches are available for purchase by just clicking on the picture

5 Wenger Sport Elegance Chrono Watch

Starting off our list at number five is this beautiful Wenger watch. Wenger is a great brand that has a number of watches that I just love. We recently did a feature on a men’s Wenger watch. If this Wenger women’s watch speaks to you, just click on the picture and buy it today!

4 Casio Sport Watch

If you are looking for an inexpensive watch to take on your adventures, This is the watch for you. Casio has been long known for making great watches that hold up to the wear and tear an active person gives to them. Check this watch out today!

3 Timex Women’s Ironman Watch

Coming in at number three this week is a classic. Timex Ironman watches have been a staple since being introduced. You can’t go wrong with a trusted, inexpensive brand like Timex!

2 Invicta Angel Collection Watch

Coming in at number two this week is this sharp Invicta Angel Collection Watch. This is a nice looking watch that won’t break the bank. So go ahead and treat yourself today!

1 Coach Mini Boyfriend Signature Watch

Coming in at number 1 this week is this unique Coach watch that adds a splash of color to your day! With the blue strap and rose colored dial this watch is a looker! Check it out today!


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