Seiko Men’s Watch

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I’m trying to get as many of these out as I can, but feeling pretty short on time. So my apologies if you have to wait for your watch fix. I hope this little watch makes up for that.

This is a two tone Seiko Men’s watch from the early 1990’s. I almost put vintage in the title, but that made me feel too old for something made in that time. I got the age from an inscription in the back of the watch.

It’s got a nice look to it. I’m not the biggest fan of the two tone style, but this watch is still one I would put on to wear to work. It would in the group that I would wear that maybe gets beat up a little more than the others. Not on purpose but you know how it goes sometimes.

Seiko’s history is long one, with the company reaching back all the way to 1881 in Japan to mark its beginnings. you can check out there US site here.








I’ve noticed some split feelings about Seiko watches. Some people absolutely love them and some don’t like them. I’m one of the few in the middle. I respect that they make their own movements and have been producing quality timepieces for as long as they have. They just might not be my favorite.

Part of that reason is because I have come across some fakes in my watch adventures. That is no fault of the company as most popular brands have their fakes out there. It just makes me a little cautious with Seiko watches. It’s a good idea to just throw the fakes away if you happen to come across them.

If you are interested in a Seiko Watch you can see a nice example here. This one is pretty similar to the one I am featuring today.

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