Fossil F2 Women’s Watch

Hello out there.

Let’s get started and talk about another watch! I have missed having more time to dig in my extensive collection of watches. Well I have a little time so I thought I would do just that.

Today we are going to look at this Fossil F2 Watch. This is a two tone watch featuring gold and silver features. I think this watch does the two tone better than a lot of watches. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but that’s just my opinion.

Fossil Watches are extremely popular. They are a newer brand in the big picture of the watch world and considered to be a fashion watch. Fossil watches come in many varieties.

This watch is from their F2 series. Its a nice little watch. This one has some dings as you might see from the pictures, but overall in nice shape. A few scratches adds character to me. Now I say that about a watch like this, but if you are spending thousands on a watch, I’m not sure you would agree.

The gold color on the dial is pretty sharp looking. The mostly silver tone with just the gold on the dial and in the band make this a nice little eye catcher.

With the popularity the brand enjoys, I see Fossil to be around for a long time. While not the watch of choice for those with high cost tastes, Fossil watches give you a nice looking watch at a good price.

Fossil has been in the smartwatch game as well. You can see an example for purchase here.

I’m hoping to get more time to post about watches soon. This is really what I enjoy doing in my small amount of spare time. Looking at watches and learning about them is very relaxing to me. The photography is also a part I really enjoy. I am always looking to take the best picture possible.

I hope you keep coming back to see what the site has to offer! Thanks again and be sure to follow the blog as well as on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram…you name it!

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