Walton Men’s Watch

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We have a real interesting watch to look at today. Here we have a Walton Electra Men’s Watch.

To be honest I have never heard of this brand before. I tried to do some digging and find out about it, but didn’t have much success. Still this is an interesting vintage watch and thought it would make a good feature for the site.

This watch is labeled swiss made and says 21 on the front, which I assume to mean a 21 Jewel movement. I’m not even sure why this watch is called Electra because it has a mechanical movement.

It also says “balanced power” on the front and again I’m at a loss.

But this is a neat watch and I’m a sucker for an old mechanical movement watch. I particularly like the irregular shaped face. It just makes for a fun watch that is a little out of the norm.

If you know something about this watch, please let me know! I don’t claim to know everything about watches and half the fun for me in doing these pieces is the knowledge i gain.

I just recently acquired this watch and its a great add to the collection. This watch started ticking away as soon as I wound it. I can see myself wearing this watch, then maybe forgetting about it, and then re-discovering it to wear again. That’s some of the fun of having a great deal of watches to choose from!

Although I didn’t find a lot of examples of this brand, I don’t think they are going to cost a lot if you come across one. These lesser known brands usually don’t have the following to really drive the price up.

You can always check out a good book on watches to learn more. You can learn a lot about reading a book like the one here. https://amzn.to/2P7RkGa

Thanks for visiting the site. I (as always) had a great time looking into this watch and who knows maybe someone out there can clue me in a little more about this watches origins.

Until next time, take care and wear your watches in good health.



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