Winner Men’s Skeleton Watch

Today lets take a look at this Skeleton Watch by Winner.

This is a watch brand that I have found to be inexpensive but with some pretty cool designs. This skeleton watch has a nice look to it.

If you aren’t sure what a skeleton watch is, it is a watch that lets you see the inner workings on the outside. I always think it gives a nice look as I enjoy watching the movement do its thing while the watch ticks away.

I found this watch without a band. I decided to put this on this brown watch strap and I like the look. I think a black strap with gold clasps would have worked just as well, but hey this is what I had on hand and I think it works.

If you are interested in purchasing a watch like this, here is one example you might like.

Like I said earlier this is an inexpensive watch that I think looks good. This watch is not the gold standard for skeleton watches or mechanical movements. It is just a watch that I thought was fun to wear and I do enjoy wearing it from time to time.

Time for me to get out of here. Thanks as always for checking in. I enjoy featuring watches that maybe don’t get talked about if at all. Unfortunately I don’t have the money for the rolex’s and breitling’s so that’s why I wanted to do this. I figured there are those out there who may not have the money either. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watch collecting on a budget!


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