Vintage Men’s Seiko Watch

Hello again, everyone. Happy to be bringing you another watch to look at today!

We are looking at this vintage Seiko Men’s Watch. This watch is all gold tone with a really slim design. I like the weight and feel of this watch when wearing it.

I also am a fan of the gold tone with the gold colored dial. I don’t always like gold tone watches but this one is done right if you ask me. It’s not a jump off the wrist watch, but it’s a subtle look and the dashes for numbers add to that aesthetic in my eyes.

I visited a great web site called WatchSleuth to determine the date this watch was made. According to them the serial numbers indicate this watch was made in a year ending in 8. So I’m guessing 1988 but possibly 1978.

If you know for sure or want to correct me, please do! I do this to learn more about these watches too! If you have an old Seiko and are interested in finding out more, check out the site I mentioned earlier here.

If you are interested in purchasing a newer model Seiko you can check out a similar model here.

So in conclusion this is just a nice men’s watch that looks great for its age. Seiko makes some nice watches and this although on the lower end of their spectrum would look great in your rotation!

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