Vintage Men’s Helbros Watch

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First let me apologize for not posting much recently. We just got done with a move and it has taken awhile to get situated. But here we are with another watch to check out and there are many more where this came from!

What we have here is an older Helbros Men’s Watch. It’s a fairly simple design with a gold tone color and and a clasp band.

Helbros has been around for over 100 years. The company was founded by the Helbein brothers, hence the name.

This is a simple watch that will get the job done at work or on the go. I love vintage watches, so the imperfections just add character.

Thanks for visiting and I will try not to let it be so long without a post. I couldn’t help it as I had to go without internet for a while. That doesn’t go so well for someone like me! We are settling in nicely and I look forward to bringing many more watches to your attention.

Take care everyone and Happy Holidays!

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